The Almshouse Association is a support charity representing 1,700 independent almshouse
charities throughout the United Kingdom providing homes for over 35,000 people

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Almshouses Today

Who Qualifies to Live in an Almshouse

The majority of almshouse residents today will be of retirement age, of limited financial means and living within the vicinity of an almshouse charity. Almshouse charities are regulated by the Charity Commission and are usually governed by locally recruited trustees. Residents pay a weekly maintenance contribution which is similar to rent but different in law, and less than a commercial rate. Almshouse trusts were generally founded by benefactors in earlier times to provide for those in need and often to cater for a particular category of persons. Today there are almshouses for retired fishermen, miners, retail workers and a host of other groups in addition to the elderly. Some were founded by the City Livery Companies many of which still retain almshouses, and there are also almshouses for families, the disabled and even a few for key workers.