The Almshouse Association is a support charity representing 1,700 independent almshouse
charities throughout the United Kingdom providing homes for over 35,000 people

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How to Donate

How to donate

The Association welcomes donations from private individuals, charitable trusts and corporate bodies. Please see our Case for Support for details of why funds are needed to make interest free loans to member Almshouse charities and to develop essential services we offer to members.


Donations may be made to our Rolling Fund either by contacting us directly, or by sending a cheque made payable to The National Association of Almshouses. Payments may also be made directly to our bank account:

Sort Code: 18-00-02
Account number: 00568716

Personal donations may be made by Gift Aid. This is a government scheme which will enable the Almshouse Association to reclaim the basic rate tax already paid by the donor on any personal donation. No additional cost is incurred to the donor who is simply required to complete a form obtainable from the Association. Alternatively one can be downloaded on this website. One form can cover every gift made to the Association for whatever period chosen and can cover gifts already made, as well as those made in the future.

Associate Membership

This is a way of supporting the Association on a regular basis; please see our Associate Membership page.

Making a Legacy

See our Making a Legacy page.

Specific Gift

Why not consider making a donation by converting unwanted items to cash, such as jewellery and art collections.

Corporate Sponsership

The Association actively welcomes Corporate Sponsors. There are many activities suitable for sponsorship as an ongoing activity or as a one-off project. For further details of the opportunities which currently exist please contact The Association. WHATEVER YOU DECIDE TO DO, AND HOWEVER YOU HELP US, YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO OUR WORK IS IMPORTANT - AND APPRECIATED.