The Almshouse Association is a support charity representing over 1600 independent almshouse charities across the UK.

Almshouses are a charitable form of self sufficient, low cost community housing that is held in trust for local people in housing need. They are managed and run by almshouse charities made up of local volunteers.

Today, 36,000 people are living full and independent lives in almshouses, finding friendships, wellbeing, safety and security inside their walls and within their communities. Through representation, fundraising, and your donations and legacies, The Almshouse Association is working hard with almshouses charities, local authorities and the Government to make it possible for many more to be built.

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Southwark charities: Close to finalising contract

Chris Wilson CEO of Southwark Charities, and Trustee & Treasurer at Community Southwark writes: "As we get close to finalising...
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News from the Charity of Ann Edwards

We always enjoy hearing from our members and its been great to work with Clerk to the Trustees, Kathryn Warner,...
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Worcester charity opens new almshouses

Former Worcester warehouses converted to almshouses The Almshouse Association was delighted to be represented at Worcester Municipal Charities on 13th...
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