Almshouse news and stories

We would like to share with you some of the interesting articles and stories about our member charities and news about the almshouse movement today in our posts below.

The historical aspect of almshouse charities and the legacy of their benefactors are considerable so it is hardly surprising that they are able to present a wide variety of stories and anecdotes ranging from their inception to the present day. There are cases where residents dress in the unusual “uniform” which is unique to their charity and others where splendid architectural features have been unearthed and restored.

The titles of many almshouses have wonderful names: The Eight Men of Broadclyst, The Sisters of Castle Rising and Twitty’s Almshouses, to name a few. Aside from their titles and history, however, the common factor shared amongst all almshouses is that today they continue to provide comfortable and secure homes for those in need, something they have done for centuries.

Association releases new research on financial benefits of almshouses

The Almshouse Association is excited to publish a new report, produced by Housing LIN, on the financial benefits of almshouses....
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18.11.21 – APPG on Almshouses Meeting

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Almshouses will be holding a session to discuss the research on the significant financial benefits...
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Garden Party at Robert Smith Trust Almshouses

Robert Smith Trust almshouses in Brancaster, Norfolk put on a special tea party to celebrate the Associations 75th anniversary of...
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Pass it on – Remember a Charity

Almshouses have played an important role in social housing for over a thousand years. They are the result of a...
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Popple’s Party!

Popple's almshouses, run by the Elizabeth Wadsworth Trust in Halifax, made the local news with their garden party to celebrate...
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It’s Trustees Week!

During Trustees’ Week, we want to celebrate the dedication and inspiration of all our member trustees who run the 1600+...
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The Foord Almshouses

The Foord Almshouses in Priestfields, Rochester held their Almshouse Association 75th Anniversary Garden Party on a beautiful September day in...
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Tiverton Almshouses Celebrate

Tiverton Almshouse Trust has been supporting older people in Tiverton with quality homes and friendly warden support for many years...
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More 75th celebrations!

Almshouse Association Trustee Tricia Scouller sent us in some great photos of the party held at the Thomas Christie Almshouses...
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Party Time at Sir Josiah Mason Trust!

The Sir Josiah Mason Trust sent us in some absolutely fabulous photographs of the parties they held as part of...
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Inside Housing: Open alms: the almshouse charities building new homes

Inside Housing has recently published an indepth article on almshouses and how we are experiencing a groundswell of interest in...
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Walpole Almshouses celebrate 150 years!

On Saturday 11th September celebrated 150 years of the Walpole Almshouses in Freethorpe and 75 years of the formation of...
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