Finding an almshouse charity

There are a number of different ways someone can find out if there is an almshouse charity in their area, if the charity has a vacancy or if the potential resident ‘qualifies’ to be able to reside there. For example;

  • Many almshouse charities publish their vacancies here on the Almshouse Association website.
  • By contacting the Association by phone, letter or email and we will send you a list of those almshouses situated in the area you live or wish to live. Please note it is then up to the individual to contact the charity to see if they have a vacancy and the person qualifies as a beneficiary.
  • If you know that there is an almshouse charity in your area you can monitor local advertising outlets (local newspaper, library, church etc.), where a charity will place an advert.
  • Via the Almshouse Vacancy Section advertised by the Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC).

Note that each almshouse charity has its own objects which define the beneficiary group that Trustees are permitted to appoint as residents.  To find out more about who qualifies to live in an almshouse, please click here.