The Almshouse Association is a support charity representing 1,700 independent almshouse
charities throughout the United Kingdom providing homes for over 35,000 people

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The Almshouse Association

Almshouse Association

Almshouses have been part of this country's life for many generations and they continue to play a crucial role today in providing accommodation for those in need throughout the United Kingdom. They also make a significant contribution to our national heritage in maintaining many fine, ancient buildings.

As Patron of the Almshouse Association, I am fully aware from my own experience, and from my visits to almshouse charities around the country, of the marvellous sense of community, well-being and independence that are the hallmarks of the almshouse movement. I believe that this stems from the unique bond that is formed between residents and locally-recruited trustees, many of whom may have grown up close to their local almshouses and now wish to give something back to the local community. This sets a fine example and enriches the lives of residents, trustees and the almshouse movement as a whole.

The Almshouse Association  launched a sixty-fifth Anniversary Appeal to extend its fund for member almshouse charities. In the present economic climate this task is a vital, but challenging one, which will benefit the lives of residents today and in the future.

HRH The Prince of Wales KG KT GCB