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Here you will find informative video clips from Almshouse Association CEO Nick Phillips, explaining about almshouses and the many benefits they bring to the local community.

There are also clips from David Healey, CEO of Sir Josiah Mason Trust and the Association’s regional representative for Birmingham, West Midlands and Warwickshire almshouse charities, talking about his almshouse charities.

Click on ‘play’ below to view each one.

What is an almshouse? (short version) 
How almshouses can help tackle loneliness
The Almshouse Association 75th anniversary
David Healey: Residents’ experiences
David Healey: Encouraging social interaction
David Healey: A housing crisis solution
David Healey: Wellbeing checks during the COVID-19 pandemic
What is an almshouse? (extended version) 
Benefits of almshouse living
Almshouses as housing provider
David Healey: Residents’ feedback
David Healey: Benefits of housing for later life
David Healey: Scale of affordable housing crisis

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