Willingham Combined Charity, Cambridgeshire


One bedroom bungalow


To be eligible, you need to be either

  • A woman over the age of 60
  • Born in the village
  • and in need, hardship or distress


  • a person who has resided in Willingham for not less than 2 years
  • and in need, hardship and distress

Contact Details

Kassia Bunnett (Clerk)
Tel: 01954 203432

Alice Coralie Glyn Homes, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

We have a self contained 1 bedroom bungalow available within walking distance of local shops, doctors, dentist etc.  The property is unfurnished with a small open plan back garden.  A lifeline alarm system is available and gardening services are provided.  The accommodation comprises lobby, kitchen, walk-in shower, lounge and small bedroom.


  • Applicants must be aged over 60
  • Be able to live independently
  • Have a connection to Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Welwyn or Tunbridge Wells.
  • Our eligibility requirements include either a financial or social need.

Contact details
Contact our managing agents Welwyn Garden City Housing Association on 01707 390044 or email: admin@wgcha.co.uk to apply for an application form or for further information.