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To support our members to deliver safe, comfortable, affordable homes for their residents, we not only guide them through the legislative and regulatory frameworks necessary to protect all involved, we also offer access to a programme of grants and interest free loans throughout the year. Find out more about our membership offer here.

Although we are a small team of only eight  FTE staff, the support we give to our members has a significant impact on the delivery of almshouses across the UK for those in housing need. We charge membership fees, however, in order to keep subscriptions low so not to overstretch the majority of our members who have a modest income. Our challenge is to continue to bring in additional funding support to sustain and develop our offer to our members.

From supporting the refurbishment of dated facilities, to building new almshouses, from the provision of training and governance support across our membership, to giving them representation in government, to supporting our members struggling to sustain their charities, we have the wellbeing of our trustees and residents at the heart of everything we do.

Over hundreds of years, the almshouse movement has flourished as a result of philanthropic support and generous donations from benefactors, grants and support from charitable trusts. The fact that almshouse residents thrive in their homes is as a result of the tireless commitment of the trustees running the charities, honouring the wishes of the original benefactor.

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The almshouse movement is growing. And we need to grow with it.

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How to make a donation

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