Perry Almshouses – Fromeside, North Bristol


A residence has become available within the Perry Almshouses in Winterbourne on the outskirts of Bristol for anyone who is in need within the Fromeside Benefice (Parishes of Winterbourne, Winterbourne Down, Frampton Cotterell, Iron Acton and Coalpit Heath).

The house is single occupancy and comprises of a lounge, small kitchen and bathroom, an upstairs bedroom with communal laundry and gardens.  The successful applicant will be required to pay a monthly maintenance contribution and must be able to live independently.


In accordance with the Trust Deed

  • applicants must be unable to afford a home of their own;
  • should be 60 years old or over (or if younger, are unable to maintain themselves through ill-health, accident or infirmity);
  • if born within the Parish should have been resident there for not less than five years or if born elsewhere should have been resident for not less than 10 years prior to application; with preference being given to those who are actively involved in a Christian denomination.

Contact Details

For further information and/or an application form please phone 07968 317324.

The deadline for completed applications is midnight on Wednesday, 31st August 2022.

Barnstaple Almshouses – Barnstaple, Devon


First floor 1 bedroom flat, with built in wardrobe in centre of town.

Almshouse complex of 8 properties.

There is no provision for parking with this property.

Secondary glazed. Winter heating provided, as is all Insurance(House and contents) and water.


Over 50 years of age.

Connections to the local area.

Have less than 15k savings.

No pets (although we do normally consider, this is a first floor flat, so fish or birds only)

No Smoking

Contact Details

For further details and an application form please visit Barnstaple Almshouses web page, or email: