The Office for National Statistics released its monthly Index of Private Housing Rental Prices last week which shows the continued growth of private rent in the last 5 years.

The figures show that between January 2015 and June 2020 Private Housing Rental Prices have increased by 9.3%. Too many people already struggle to afford their rent alongside all other necessities and the continued rise in rent, sometimes for inadequate housing, means this problem can only get worse.

The Almshouse Association believes that we must do more to make high-quality, community housing a larger part of our society. The almshouse model provides genuinely affordable accommodation to those in need, providing them with independence and removing the burden of excessive rents. Almshouses have provided this service for over 1,000 years and are ready to continue serving their communities so that no one is left without a roof over their head.  

15 July 2020