The official definition of an almshouse has been recognised by the Charity Commission which has just released its new, approved guidance on almshouses.   

After months of hard work, this is a major milestone for The Almshouse Association – the membership charity representing over 1,600 independent almshouse charities – which has long persevered for credible recognition of almshouses as an affordable housing provider.

For the last 1,000 years, almshouses have existed as an affordable social housing model but there has been no clear definition of an almshouse by a government department. 

Today, as the Almshouse Association prepares to celebrate its 75th anniversary of supporting the almshouse movement, this community-led housing model now has the seal of official approval.

Says Nick Phillips, CEO of The Almshouse Association,

We are growing at the fastest rate since the Victorian era, with a thousand new homes having been created in the last ten years and some 36,000 residents enjoying affordable living in 30,000 properties around the UK.  Another 700 are being built or are in the pipeline. 

We are delighted with this timely affirmation by the Charity Commission of our individual and long-established form of housing which is every bit as relevant today.”

Click here for official definition of an almshouse

Posted 6 Oct 20