We always enjoy hearing from our members and its been great to work with Clerk to the Trustees, Kathryn Warner, who has been sending in stories and photos of the residents and events that have been taking place at the Charity of Ann Edwards, Diocese of Gloucester.

“As well as our Mews of 8 properties for singles and couples in Gloucester, the charity has also purchased two additional properties for beneficiaries – one in Cirencester for a couple, and one in Gloucester for a family.

The original Scheme was for women only, but it has been revised over the years to be more inclusive, which has enabled us to support families where appropriate. The Charity was originally set up for the benefit of widows and unmarried daughters of deceased clergy in the Diocese of Gloucester. It is now for people with an active Christian faith and who are in necessitous circumstances including, but not limited to financial hardship, disability (physical or mental), or age, with a preference for the widowed, and for children of deceased clergy who live in the Diocese of Gloucester. One of our younger residents recently told us about what living in an almshouse meant to her:”

When I found myself a single mum with 5 young children, one of whom is disabled, I was terrified about how I would manage and where we would live. Would the needs of all my children be met? How would I provide for them? 

Living in an almshouse has provided us with the security we need, knowing we have support and a roof over our heads.

The house is adapted for my child with disabilities, and there are enough rooms so each of my children can have a bedroom each. I know without an alms house this would not have been possible and it is important they all have their own space. With the security of our home, we have been able to move forward together, put roots down and settle in a community. I have been able to care for my children whilst having a part time job.

I am so grateful for the provision of an almshouse, it has meant and continues to mean such a tremendous amount to my family. We are now thriving not surviving.”


Kathryn also sent in some great photos of when they welcomed local MP Richard Graham to the almshouses where he took the time to chat with residents and visit their beautiful gardens.

Karen Czapiewski, Chair Diocesan Board of Finance, MP, Kathryn Warner Clerk to the Trustee, Muhammed on work experience with MP
MP with residents and church members
Residents and church members
In the courtyard
Letter of thanks from Richard Graham MP
MP with gardener resident and church member
Richard Graham MP and Chris Hill Trustee

Please keep on sending in your photos and stories to us at karenmorris@almshouses.org; we love receiving them. it really makes our day!

January 2023