In the second of his features looking at Wiltshire’s almshouses, Gary Lawrence visits the county’s largest organisation and discovers it provides housing, security and, just as importantly, hope, for a huge variety of people of all ages.

He begins his article in the office of Susie Coen, the clerk of Salisbury City Almshouses and Welfare Charities which oversees 13 separate groups of almshouses dotted around the city. He is taken on a wonderful tour where he meets the residents of a variety of almshouses including young families, nurses from India, people in their 40s and 50s and retired men and women

The editor of the magazine has kindly provided us with a copy of the article*, which can be found by clicking on the link below. We are now really looking forward to the publication of the third article in the series in December!

Wiltshire Life: Providing a safe haven over the centuries | November 22

* Note: the journalist made a small error in the content.
Both men and women are welcome to become residents at Hussey’s Almshouses, not just women.

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Posted 23 November 22