Our 75th Anniversary

2021 is a special year for The Almshouse Association! For 75 years, we have been providing guidance, support and representation to over 1600 incredible almshouse charities.

All almshouse charities are independently overseen by a board of local volunteers (trustees) who manage the day to day running and maintenance of the almshouses. Largely going unnoticed in almost every town in the country, trustees offer their time, care and attention voluntarily, ensuring the continued provision of safe and secure self-sufficient low cost community housing for people in housing need.

Dating back to the 10th Century, almshouses are the oldest form of social housing; they are held in trust by local people for local people in perpetuity, generation after generation. It is from these solid foundations that we can all champion the movement and ensure the continuance of their legacies for many generations to come.

Throughout 2021, we will be raising the awareness for the almshouse movement and will look at opportunities to generate more local and national press coverage.

Some of our member charities will be holding local events in celebration of their achievements and the role their almshouses play in the local community. Watch out for invitations being displayed in your local shops and businesses and on social media sites to join them in their celebrations.

If you would like to make a donation to help support our almshouse charities, please visit our Support us and Leave a legacy pages, or if you would like to get involved in other ways, please contact us via almshousesupport@almshouses.org