Almshouse news and stories

We would like to share with you some of the interesting articles and stories about our member charities and news about the almshouse movement today in our posts below.

The historical aspect of almshouse charities and the legacy of their benefactors are considerable so it is hardly surprising that they are able to present a wide variety of stories and anecdotes ranging from their inception to the present day. There are cases where residents dress in the unusual “uniform” which is unique to their charity and others where splendid architectural features have been unearthed and restored.

The titles of many almshouses have wonderful names: The Eight Men of Broadclyst, The Sisters of Castle Rising and Twitty’s Almshouses, to name a few. Aside from their titles and history, however, the common factor shared amongst all almshouses is that today they continue to provide comfortable and secure homes for those in need, something they have done for centuries.

Blue Plaque for Marlborough Almshouses

Blue Plaque commemorating life of Duchess of Marlborough written by: Laura BellPublished: 11:34 AM August 8, 2022 [photo: Marlborough Almshouses in...
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Case Study: Adam Cottam Almshouses, Lancashire

Trustees of Adam Cottam Almshouses have been working hard on their almshouse project over the past 4 years, with the...
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St John’s Winchester Almshouse Charity support for Ukraine

The work of the St John's Winchester Charity was recently celebrated in the Hampshire Chronicle. 20th June 2022 by Kimberley...
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Small grant makes a big difference

Sometimes a small grant can make a big difference. Trustees at the Old Windsor United Charities (Penny Royal Almshouses) were...
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Legacy from 1868 still providing homes today

Renovation Case Study: Tibberton Almshouses The Tibberton Almshouses were built in 1868, endowed in trust by William Philip Price MP;...
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Open letter to Conservative leadership candidates

14 July 2022 The next leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister will face a monumental challenge in tackling...
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The Almshouse Association Award winners announced

The Almshouse Association Awards were created to distinguish and honour the many wonderful innovations and developments taking place throughout our...
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Association CEO in FT Letters

An article in the Financial Times on 18 June 22 prompted The Almshouse Association CEO to write into FT Letters...
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Secrets of Essex almshouses

Bestowing unique and charming, yet affordable housing to the elderly for 1,000 years, Denise Marshall takes a closer look at the historic...
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Residents of St Leonards Hospital Trust celebrate 820 years of charity!

Trustees and residents of the St Leonards Hospital Trust in Boston, Lincolnshire recently celebrated 820 years of charity! Established in...
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Friends of 40 years become new neighbours!

Spalding Town Husbands Almshouse Charity celebrated the opening of their new almshouses in Lincolnshire last week. Association CEO Nick Phillips...
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Hornby Competition results announced!

Congratulations to our Hornby Competition Winner and Runner up! Over the past year The Almshouse Association has been working with...
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