Almshouse news and stories

We would like to share with you some of the interesting articles and stories about our member charities and news about the almshouse movement today in our posts below.

The historical aspect of almshouse charities and the legacy of their benefactors are considerable so it is hardly surprising that they are able to present a wide variety of stories and anecdotes ranging from their inception to the present day. There are cases where residents dress in the unusual “uniform” which is unique to their charity and others where splendid architectural features have been unearthed and restored.

The titles of many almshouses have wonderful names: The Eight Men of Broadclyst, The Sisters of Castle Rising and Twitty’s Almshouses, to name a few. Aside from their titles and history, however, the common factor shared amongst all almshouses is that today they continue to provide comfortable and secure homes for those in need, something they have done for centuries.

Round&About: Wokingham news

We were thrilled to see our very own Gerry Harmon published in the local Round & About magazine this month...
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Southwark charities: Close to finalising contract

Chris Wilson CEO of Southwark Charities, and Trustee & Treasurer at Community Southwark writes: "As we get close to finalising...
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News from the Charity of Ann Edwards

We always enjoy hearing from our members and its been great to work with Clerk to the Trustees, Kathryn Warner,...
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Worcester charity opens new almshouses

Former Worcester warehouses converted to almshouses The Almshouse Association was delighted to be represented at Worcester Municipal Charities on 13th...
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Wiltshire Life: Finding Friendship

In his third and final look at Wiltshire's almshouses for Wiltshire Life magazine, Gary Lawrence visits two rural communities that...
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Christmas Fund spreading cheer

Every year, The Almshouse Association is very pleased to be able to offer Christmas vouchers to almshouse residents over 90...
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Case Study: Bradfield Parochial Charity

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Providing a safe haven over the centuries

In the second of his features looking at Wiltshire's almshouses, Gary Lawrence visits the county's largest organisation and discovers it...
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Colourful creations mark 400 years of Guildford almshouse

By Martin Neal for InYourArea | Text and photo credits Four beautiful legacy murals have been unveiled to celebrate a historic...
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Honywood and Douglas charity latest expansion project nears completion

In 1622 the Honywood Trust was created to provide homes for local people in Lenham and was united with the...
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New mixed age housing scheme in Newcastle upon Tyne

Sir Leonard Fenwick, trustee of the St Mary Magdalene & Holy Jesus Trust has laid the naming plaque to the...
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Richmond almshouse charity helping vulnerable older people into secure housing

Its great to see member charities raising the profile of almshouses in the news. The Richmond charities featured in the...
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